SoHL theology:

A Media Mission for the Sanctity of Human Life!

Love and Life are the most foundational gifts God has given us. Without its partner, the other becomes distorted, abused, or eradicated. Countless generations have searched for the meaning of life, but to find it, we must go beyond our senses and embrace a living, breathing person! Just as you must spend a lifetime getting to know your spouse or a good friend, that decisive beauty of eternal sacrifice–the authentic love of Jesus Christ–takes a lifetime to understand as well.

And so a mission is born…

SoHL theology uses media to broadcast God’s Plan for Love and Life. From graphic designs to full-length documentaries, we use every means of communication and technology by which to proclaim the Gospel.

Simply put, SoHL theology aims to create a unifying force in the pro-life and pro-love movements.

Through various projects and initiatives, we hope to turn the tide of sexual immorality and to instill a culture of love and life in the heart, soul, mind, and strength of every human being.

It’s a life-long endeavor, and it takes a heart full of love to accomplish. Be sure to check out our work and see how you can get involved in some of its most Video Profilevisible efforts!

In Christ, for Love and Life!


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